Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each session take?

It takes around 30 minutes to apply the laser treatment for stop-smoking clients.

How many sessions will I need?

Most clients need just 3 sessions of laser acupressure.

If you require more support, you can book in for a further 3 sessions.

How much does it cost?

$490 for 3 sessions.

$550 includes 3 sessions,  plus a complimentary acupuncture treatment in each session for balancing your constitution.

The acute symptoms of physical addiction occur within the first 72 hours. It is advisable to continue treating for a further 3 sessions to stabilise.

We take cash, EFTPOS or credit card.


Quit With Laser sessions

Can I claim the treatments from my health fund?

If you have extras cover for acupuncture with your private health you may be entitled to a rebate. Each health fund’s rebate varies and you may get a rebate of anywhere from $15 per session to 90% of the session depending on the fund or plan you have.

Is this treatment proven?

Yes please read the research on this type of treatment:

This double blind randomized trial statistically proves that using laser acupoint treatment was successful in promoting a complete cessation of smoking.

Is it guaranteed that I will give up?

It’s normal to struggle after one session, or even two. The laser will help reduce cravings, but it’s up to you to break bad habits and work on the psychological side of the addiction. You really need to want to quit smoking.

To ensure you’re successful, we recommend you take this advice on board:

  • Throw out all your cigarettes – laser helps stop the cravings, but it doesn’t stop the desire to smoke.
  • Identify the times of day when you habitually smoke and break your routine. For example, if you have a smoke with your first coffee of the day do something active to replace it. Go for a walk, drink some peppermint tea.
  • Give up coffee for a duration of 2 weeks
  • Give up alcohol for a duration of 2 weeks
  • Always have a glass or bottle of water with you – to keep hydrated, and to break the hand-to-mouth association of cigarettes.

If you do experience any cravings or withdrawal headaches or other symptoms, massage your L14 pressure point – this is the fleshy area between your thumb and forefinger, well known as a pain-relief point.

What happens in the session?
  • At your first consultation we will check whether you have any health complications or medications, as well as your smoking history and how/when you’ve tried to give up in the past.
  • In each session we take a carbon monoxide breath reading to measure the levels you’ve inhaled from tobacco smoke. We also take your blood pressure at least once per session – this will help us gauge how your body is changing throughout the course of treatments. Both of these measurements should improve over time.
  • The laser therapy itself – you will be lying comfortably and the therapy is completely non-invasive.
What addictions can laser acupuncture treat?
  • Cigarettes
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
Do I have to take my clothes off?

No, we only treat your ear, face, forearm and hand. We may ask you to roll up your sleeve.

Does it hurt?

Not even a little bit.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known adverse side effects of using laser acupressure therapy to give up smoking.

What is the success rate?

According to the double blind study, group B had a success rate of 75% after the treatments.

3 months after the treatment 64% had ceased smoking.

6 months after treatment 55% had ceased smoking.

Please refer to the research study here :

Why Laser Therapy?

Biostimulation Laser
Laser acupuncture is a safe, gentle and effective method to help you stop smoking. Contact us today to get started!


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